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Rent ​office ​space ​by ​the ​day ​with ​access ​to ​high-speed ​internet, ​WiFi ​and ​a ​dedicated phone ​line ​included ​within ​the ​cost
Work ​from ​any ​of ​our ​3000 ​locations ​around ​the ​world, ideally ​situated ​within ​major ​cities ​and ​transport ​hubs.
Why choose a day office?
Offices ​are ​supplied ​fully ​furnished ​so ​you ​can ​start ​working ​immediately.
Convenient ​locations
Situated ​near ​airports, ​train ​stations ​and ​in ​all ​major ​cities.
Why choose a day office?
What does a day office include?
All-inclusive ​pricing
One ​price ​covers ​everything ​you ​need ​to ​start ​working; ​you ​only ​need ​to ​pay ​for consumables.
Furnished ​workspace
All ​day ​offices ​are ​supplied ​with ​desk, ​chairs ​and ​multiple ​electricity ​ports.
Business ​environment
Staffed ​reception, ​tea ​and ​coffee ​facilities ​and ​breakout ​space ​for ​short ​meetings.
Who would benefit from a day office?
Work ​from ​an ​office ​only ​when ​you ​need ​to.
Business ​Travellers
Day ​offices ​in ​over ​120 ​countries ​across ​the ​globe.

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